Set up flexible surveys

✓ Use design templates or make a custom design

✓ Set up your own survey or choose between questionnaire templates for different needs

✓ Support for +60 languages

✓ Advanced survey logic

✓ Use custom triggers to target specific audiences

✓ Support for multiple surveys on the same website

✓ Different survey formats for different purposes

✓ Fast and easy setup

Get an overview of your users’ experience

✓ See how many visitors you have from each target group

✓ See what visitors want to do on your website

✓ See who is successful in their tasks and who fails

✓ See what they think about your website

✓ Read users’ comments about your website

Dig deeper to understand why

✓ Set filters and create segments to pinpoint specific user groups

✓ Compare different segments in the same graph

✓ Filter out free text answers for specific user groups

✓ Cross tabulate different questions

✓ Integrate with traffic data and set filters based on behviour or source

✓ Use task analysis to follow up user intent with actual and percieved success rates

✓ Analyse why your users fail to achieve their goals on your website

Share your findings

✓ Export graphs

✓ Create custom reports and distribute to your colleagues

✓ Create periodical e-mail reports with set filters and segments

✓ Export data to your business intelligence system via API

We are here to help you succeed

✓ Training and support is always included

✓ We will help you pick the right questions for your surveys

✓ We take GDPR responsibility

✓ We offer custom online analysis sessions for your data

✓ We can analyse and compile your data into a custom written report

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