Get to know your users

In the experience analytics platform you’ll measure user experience on websites and mobile apps using a tried and tested combination of smart surveys and traffic data.

With a few clicks you’ll start collecting experience data and understand different user groups’ experiences, intents, and issues on your website.

We’ll help you ask the right questions to the right user at the right time and make sure you know how to interpret the results.

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The best way to understand your users

In our online platform you have your users’ experiences at your fingertips.
This is where you get your insights, control your data collection and create customised e-mail reports.

✓ Understand who your users are

✓ Know why they are on your website

✓ Know who is successful and who fails

✓ Understand where and why they are failing

✓ See if you meet their expectations

✓ Compare your performance with your peers’


Ask the right question

To get good answers you need to ask the right question to the right user at the right time. We will propose questions and advise on which triggers to use for different situations.


Measure progress and benchmark

You’ll be able to measure your progress and compare your results to others in the same industry by benchmarking with our industry indexes.


Understand your users' experience

Once you have the user data, you’ll start to see what on your website works well for your users, what doesn’t and why..

Platform features

✓ Fast and easy setup
✓ Flexible survey builder with advanced survey logic
✓ Custom triggers to target specific audiences
✓ Advanced filters and segments
✓ Custom automated reports
✓ Industry benchmarks
✓ We take GDPR responsibility
✓ Training and support always included

You’ll ask the right user the right question at the right time

To get relevant results you need to collect relevant data. We have prepared question sets available in more than 50 languages for different circumstances and different types of websites. We have 3 main ways to pose questions to users:

We will help you succeed

Our analysts are here to help you get the most out of our platform and your data.

Our analysts will help you to

  • Ask the right questions to the right users at the right time
  • Understand the basics of experience data analysis
  • Set up relevant data segments and reports

If you want, they can also

  • Support you in data analysis on a regular basis
  • Analyse your data and present the results with recommendations
  • Do custom resarch projects, e.g. e-mail surveys or focus groups

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