Relevant and actionable insights

We strive to give you relevant insights that you can act on. You'll get them in our platform or with the help of our excellent analysts. This is not another data swamp that will drag you down, this is focused insights that will make you better.


With our UX analytics platform you will:

  • Product overview - All UX data together

  • Dig deeper with segments to understand specific user groups

  • Combine surveys and traditional analytics in the same analysis

  • Analyse conversions in a new way

  • Share data and insights with your colleagues

  • Get the best customer success support in the business

Product overview - All UX data together

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Understand who your visitors are and what they want to do

  • Set up target groups that match your business
  • See how many visitors you have from each target group
  • See what visitors from each target group want to do on your website
  • Understand if they manage to do what they came for
  • See what they think about your website

Dig deeper with segments to understand specific user groups

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Use segments to understand relevant user groups

  • Create segments for target groups based on any criteria
  • FIlter based on both survey and analytics data
  • See you relevant target groups side by side

Combine surveys and traditional analytics in the same analysis

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Analyse traffic and surveys together

  • Use your survey segments as filters in the analytics data
  • Study user paths, conversion, searches and heatmaps for your target groups/segements

Analyse conversions in a new way

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Combine user experience and behaviour in one analysis

  • Set up sequential filters in the multidimensional funnels
  • Base your filters on any available data
  • See how behaviour and experience influence eachother
  • Get a deeper understanding of soft and hard conversion paths

Share data and insights with your colleagues

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Share your findings

  • Create custom reports and distribute to your colleagues
  • Create periodical e-mail reports with set filters and segments
  • Export data to your business intelligence system via API

Get the best customer success support in the business

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We are here to help

  • What you need is insights you can act on, not more data
  • Customer Success and Analysis (CSA) will take care of you
  • CSA's main goal is that you get the most out of E-Space
  • Training is always included
  • We are experienced analysts
  • We can help you analyse data and prepare reports for you

Good insights are based on good data

You collect data from your users via a script on your website that controls all surveys, traditional analytics, heat maps and screen recordings.

User behaviour is tracked in the background, but surveys require the users' good will and can be a bit tricky to get right. Don't worry about that, we'll help you make sure you ask the right question to the right user at the right time.

  • Flexible surveys

  • GDPR safe analytics

  • Heat maps & screen recordings

Flexible surveys


Flexible surveys

  • Use general surveys, targeted surveys and feedback depending on what you want to investigate
  • Distribute on website, online app, mobile app or intranet
  • Start from scratch or choose between templates for different situations
  • Display as popup, inline or overlay
  • Advanced survey logic
  • Use custom triggers to target specific audiences

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GDPR safe analytics


GDPR safe traffic data

E-Space comes with Matomo analytics inside all accounts. Once this feature is activated the E-Space script will collect traffic data from your site and store it on servers in Sweden under a GDPR-safe regime. You can use it as a stand-alone and safe alternative to Google Analytics but the real magic occurs when you use it to segment survey data, or the other way around.

Heat maps & screen recordings


Heatmaps & screen recordings

Seeing is believing, and to see how one or an aggregate of users navigate on your site will give you invaluable clues on how to improve.

A heatmap is a screenshot of a chosen URL that will show where most people click on that page and how far they scroll. Session recordings are actual screen recordings (anonymized of course) of your visitors. You’ll see how people navigate on your website, what content catches their eyes. These two features are perfect to analyze website behavior.

If you also add our function of being able to sort out your most valuable visitors, for example, potential customers, and solely look at their user journeys you can start analyzing user behavior on a much deeper level.

It's GDPR safe

We store all data in Sweden and you can choose between letting us act as a data controller or take the role yourself.

We'll help you succeed

Support is always included

Yes, it's easy to use, but we know that no matter how intuitive, new tools take some effort to understand. Thats why we always include training and personal suppport in our licenses. Our CSA (Customer Success and Analysis) team's sole purpose is to help you succeed in understanding your users.

We will help you to:

  • Ask the right questions to the right users at the right time
  • Understand the basics of experience data analysis
  • Set up relevant data segments and reports

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