Responses and sample

Do people really answer questions while using a website

 Yes, they do. Not everyone of course, but sufficiently many for you to get a good understanding of your different user groups’ experiences, intents and issues on your website.

How many take the time to answer questions on websites?

The answer rate varies significantly between websites, from 2% to 10% (!). It depends on brand loyalty, culture and the extent to which the website offers services or information that cannot be found anywhere else.

Is it only those who are upset that take the time to answer?

That depends on the type of trigger used. When all or a random sample of users are asked to answer questions we get both negative and positive answers. If, on the other hand the users trigger the questionnaires themselves, as with feedback buttons, there is an overweight of negative answers.

How many take the time to answer questions on websites?

We take care to ask questions with good timing. For many users it’s a welcome feature to be able to give feedback on a website that they use often. That said, it might disturb some, but definately not more than your newsletter signup or chat.

Is the sample representative?

When we compare demographic data collected in surveys with the same data collected from Google Analytics (for all users) it’s basically identical.

API and integration

How does the Google Analytics and Matomo integrations work

We offer integration with Matomo and Google Analytics. That means the traffic data shows up in E-Space’s platform where it can be analysed together with the experience data collected via questions. E.g. you can set a segment for everyone that visited a specific page or several pages and thus see how they answered the questions. You can also go the other way and filter out e.g. everyone looking for customer support and then see how many of them actually found those pages.

GDPR & personal data

Does E-Space collect personal data?

In general all respondents are anonymous and we don’t store any of their personal data. However, sometimes respondents leave personal data in free text answers and in that case we exchange it for generic lables like”NAME” of “PHONE NUMBER”.

For more information see our GDPR policy.

E-Space is responsible for personal data, what does thet mean?

It means that we collect the responses to questions and are the data controller. Normally we don’t share any personal data collected from respondents with our customers so they are not data processors.

How does E-Space handle personal data?

We handle all personal data according to GDPR. See our GDPR policy for more information .

Can I access respondents’ personal data?


Data management & security

How does E-Space connect to my website?

We use a script tag that you put on your website. Once there it lets you control all E-Space features from our online platform.

How does E-Space store data?

We store data on servers in Sweden.

Can we host the script ourselves?

Yes, you can. However you will loose the possibility to control the script directly from the E-Space platform, meaning that you’ll have to exchange the script on your website when you want to change the settings of your questionnaires, e.g. the triggers or the design.

What security measures are in place?

Please see our data management policy.

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