Finfa Case

Finfa – combined survey insigths

Finfa, which is a part of The Confederation of Swedish Enterprise, offers companies who have signed or will sign collective agreement insurance and pension, support with consulting, information and education.

Finfa does a web evaluation and Customer Satisfaction Index-evaluation to be able to make deeper conclusions on how to interact with their members in different channels. By using the same target goals in all channels they can identify which parts of their business that more or less affect the total satisfaction and where to focus the improvement efforts.

The CSI-survey shows that the members that use in their daily work are much more satisfied with Finfa than those who don’t.

That their website is highly appreciated they already know from the website evaluation that Finfa makes continuously. Combined with the CSI-results it’s much more clear that Finfa can increase the satisfaction further among their members by encouraging them to use

Here are some comments from their website users (translated from Swedish):

  • The website alone is like a whole vocational training ;.)
  • I really like Finfas webpage!
  • I have always found the information I was looking for when I’ve visited
  • The website is very informative and very easy to understand


– We will use the result as the basis to develop our business and the services in the pursuit of being a good partner to the employers in the questions regarding collective agreement insurance, says Mari Holm, communications officer at Finfa – a part of The Confederation of Swedish Enterprise.