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The customer perspective

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Robert Öhman, Product owner, - UC

""E-space provides us with great insights about user needs and recommendations for website improvements."

Magnus Burén
Web development manager
Alfa Laval

Great tool that helps us understand what the users want and need in an easy way

Elsa Lidholm
Senior specialist Web & Digital Marketing
Circle K

The platform and the debriefing of reports has helped us prioritize among needs and challenges so that we can focus on the right things in the correct order.

Emma Collén
Digital engagement manager

E-space has become an essential platform for understanding our visitors' needs and challenges and something that we internally can work with cross-functions, marketing, IT, and product development. It also gives us a set of KPI's that are easy to understand and follow up.  

Jonas Lindblom, Global Digital Marketing Manager - Roxtec -

Customer cases

  • Volvo Group

  • Ekerö Municipality

  • IF Metall

Volvo Group

Volvo Group

60% increase in user success rate

The career section is one of the most important parts of Volvo Group’s global website and from the data it was clear that it had some room for improvement. The insights about the job seekers’ experience was guiding when Volvo developed a new career section.

Volvo’s user centric approach paid off. When the new career site was launched in March 2019 the Find Score jumped instantly by 60%, from good to exceptional. The high level has been stable since and all other website KPIs follow the same trend.

Users globally clearly like the new career section. It’s easy for them to do what they came for, i.e. find and apply for job opportunities, internships and learning programs.


Find Score measures how well users manage to find what they are looking for on a website. It’s calculated as the difference between the part of users that find exactly what they are looking for and the part that don’t find at all what they are looking for.


The Volvo Group is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of trucks, buses, construction equipment, and marine and industrial engines. The Group also provides complete solutions for financing and service. The Volvo Group, with its headquarters in Gothenburg, employs about 100 000 people, has production facilities in 18 countries and sells its products in more than 190 markets.


Ekerö Municipality

Ekerö Municipality

“E-Space exceeds expectations”

In 2016, Ekerö municipality hired E-Space to improve their website. Today the list is long of citizen surveys they have performed together. “The results are outstanding,” says Johan Elfver, Business Manager at Ekerö municipality.


How to make sure that the citizens feel safe and are satisfied with the municipality’s efforts, and how to know what they wish for? By asking, of course. The challenge is to get the answers – that is all municipalities are well aware of. Johan Elfver, Business Manager at Ekerö municipality, has found his partner in E-space. Each year they perform a citizen safety survey in cooperation with the police, and surveys regarding citizen satisfaction and influence. E-space helps with the whole setup, from questionnaire to distribution, analysis and reporting.

E-space is super professional and knows exactly how to design the surveys to get relevant answers. I have full confidence in their competence and warmly recommend them to other municipalities”, says Johan Elfver.


Everything started with the website

The cooperation with E-space started when Ekerö municipality was about to improve their website. By using a combination of smart E-space surveys and traffic data from the current website, they got a basis for decision-making for the new website. The report showed what the users were looking for, their issues and if the website met their expectations. This baseline measurement has proven to be a very important tool for Ekerö municipality.

“Now we perform a baseline measurement every year to ensure that we continuously make relevant improvements on the website“, says Johan Elfver.


Overwhelming response rate

One of the successful surveys Ekerö municipality has carried out was about Ekerö centrum together with two big property owners. They wanted to know what the citizens wished for the future regarding shops, restaurants, meeting places, vegetation, parking lots etcetera. A big outside exhibition was created and kids were invited to make drawings of their wishes. E-space designed a web citizen survey that was distributed on Ekerö municipality's website, in social media channels, as an ad in the local newspaper and promoted at the exhibition.

“The response rate was overwhelming. We expected around 200 answers and got over 1700. E-space really showed their professionalism“, says Johan Elfver. 


An important source of information

The clue is to ask the right questions, in the right order, be selective and use relevant distribution channels. Too long questions and too many questions make people quit the survey. E-space took care of every step and delivered a clean and easy-to-use report with valuable insights.

“We have learnt to trust in E-space. They sharpen our suggestions every time and the reports serve as an important source of information for us not only for the development of Ekerö centrum but also for many other internal projects such as employer branding” ,Johan Elfver says.

Worth every penny

Another survey project Ekerö municipality has performed together with E-space was about the bathhouse. The survey contained questions about safety, accessibility, food and drinks, parking lots etcetera – all the aspects that a municipality wants to know about to plan well for its citizens. Even this time the response rate exceeded their expectations with more than 1100 answers.

“In my view this is a handicraft that no municipality should do on its own. We have several projects in front of us where we will use E-space’s products and services. Hiring professionals like E-space is worth every penny.”

IF Metall

IF Metall

A user-friendly website with the help of user experience analytics

The trade union IF Metall's user satisfaction soared when they changed their website based on insights and recommendations from E-space.

Screenshot 2021-09-15 at 15.59.25

IF Metall is a trade union with over 311 000 members within the Swedish industry - plastics, pharmaceutical, building materials, steel, chemistry, and engineering. Their website has two key visitor groups: the members of the union and the elected people who represent the unions at different workplaces.

IF Metall wanted to meet the needs of its website users. When we started our journey together in 2018 their website had low KPIs, below the benchmark index for associations and organizations.

"E-space has a great service that provides continuous monitoring of visitors' experience and satisfaction with the website. I like that we have a contact person who got to know us and IF Metall, and thus followed the development and can give tips/advice based on results and insights.", says Elisabeth Edström, Web Manager at IF Metall

Based on E-Space insights and recommendations IF Metall did a new release of their website in 2019 and their scores went through the roof. All their key visitors' groups had an increase in Find-score by a minimum of +35%. Their Net Promotion Score for their website had an increase of 38 % for all website users.

Elisabeth Edström: "We have used E-space in the development of the site over the past year. Since we have followed up the survey with focus groups and questions to the client panel*, we have been able to go deeper into certain questions. We have taken on E-space concrete proposals for development, which has led to increased satisfaction among visitors."


* All E-Space customers can get a client panel. The survey respondents get a last question, whether they would like to answer more questions regarding the website owner. Those who sign up are added to a client panel and are available for future sueveying by e-mail.