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Customer cases

We’ve analysed 3500 websites through the years and are familiar with most industries. Our customers range from global companies with multiple websites to municipalities and NGO’s. 

Volvo Group – 60% increase in user success rate

The career section is one of the most important parts of Volvo Group’s global website and from the data it was clear that it had some room for improvement. The insights about the job seekers’ experience was guiding when Volvo developed a new career section.

Sandvik – a steady growth of user score

Since 2011 Sandvik has had a steady growth of user rating. The website has a user score of 4,37 of a possible 5. Sandvik also has the highest E-space benchmark rate for international group websites. 77% of all Sandvik website users find exactly what they are looking for, which is one of the highest percentage E-space has ever measured.

Finfa – insights with combined surveys

Finfa combines web evaluation surveys and CSI (customer satisfaction index) surveys to be able to make deeper insights about how people interact in different channels. By using the same target figure in all channels they can identify which parts of their business/function that effects the total satisfaction of their users. It’s also clear for finfa on where to place the improvement efforts.

What our customers say

Why did you start working with E-space?
Since I’m responsible for Circle Ks website I get a better understanding of our website users and their experience of I also receive useful numbers for decisions based on real user data.

What’s best about E-space?
Great communication between me and my contact at E-space. They give us all the material we ask for and they are supporting us constantly to help us understand what the user wants and needs.

What’s the result of working with E-space?
A better understanding of what users do at our website and what they think. Also a better understanding internally at circle K.

What kind of results and insights does E-space deliver that increase your business value?
A delivery from E-space includes user scores for graphics, design, structure. We also receive demographics and insightful improvement suggestions that our users would like to see. Always with the customers’ best interest in focus.

Robert Öhman

Senior specialist & Web marketing, Circle K

Why did you start working with E-space?
We never had any criticism from any of our visitors on our website. Quite opposite we had experienced that they were happy and always founded what they were looking for. Neither the less we wanted to do a proper examination of the experience among the visitors. Also because we were working on a new version of our website and wanted concrete improvement suggestions. And we liked E-space survey solution.

What’s best about E-space?
They have high engagement and their reports are great, with a good level of detail. Besides the user scores, we also get a lot of insightful aspects that we can fix right away.

What kind of results and insights does E-space deliver that increase your business value?
The old Swedish saying ”no news is good news” is not accurate. There are always some website users that can’t find what they are looking for or misinterprets our content. And they are fast to look somewhere else for another supplier that succeeds better in their communication.

Even though we got a good user score from the beginning on the old website, the analysis from E-space has given us a very important input. And now er have real top user scores. However, there’s always a lot more to improve, you can never settle down.

Nils Ingvarsson

Head of Marketing & Communication, Swedish HypotekPension

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