Clear insights

Insights are brought to you in the intuitive analysis engine. With the combination of data from smart surveys, traditional web analytics, heatmaps and screen recordings you will get a clear understanding of:

  • who your different users are
  • why they come to your website
  • what experiences they have
  • where they run into problems and why

Taking the right actions on these insights will have a major impact on your customer relations, your brand, and your conversion rates.

HubSpot Video

"E-Space is helping us to identify and understand the challenges our visitors are experiencing, giving us valuable tools to improve our customers' digital experience of Roxtec continuously."

Jonas Lindblom, Global Digital Marketing Manager - Roxtec -

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A powerful
combination of data

You will understand the true dynamics of user experience and behaviour by combining different UX data sets in one analysis:

  • Traditional analytics data and events
  • Responses to smart and flexible surveys
  • Heatmaps and screen recordings

By asking the right users the right question at the right time and keeping track of their behaviour, you make sure you have good data to build accurate hypotheses to improve everything from the overall experience to conversion and smoothness in specific flows and tasks.

Go beyond Google Analytics

You have some kind of web analytics, right? Good, but honestly - when was the last time you actually improved you website based on analytics findings?
Now it’s time to take the next step and really get to know your users and your website.

Don’t worry, it’s easy to use and we’ll help you set everything up, including designing your surveys in a smart way. We’ll even help you analyse data and draw conclusions if you want us to.


All data collected from website users is anonymous unless they want it otherwise. It’s handled and stored on Swedish servers only so you can lay aside any worries you might have regarding GDPR, Schrems 2 and Privacy Shield.

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